Eleanor McKinney  
phone: (512) 445-5202
Landscape Architect fax: (512) 445-3432

Community Service

Austin Design Commission

Ms. McKinney was appointed to the Austin Design Commission in 1997. She was the first landscape architect appointed to the commission. In 2005, she became the first landscape architect elected as chair of the commission. Initial activity on the commission included the authorship of the Plaza Guidelines section of the Downtown Design Guidelines published in 2000. Other activities on the commission included service on the Open Space, Civic Art, and the Commercial Design Guidelines committees.

Recently, Ms. McKinney was a member of an Austin Delegation to Portland, Oregon, to research their density bonus program and other mechanisms for “sculpting the city”. She was Chair of the Density Bonus Task Force which was tasked with reviewing Austin’s values for the downtown, transit corridors, station area plans, and other nodal development.

In late July 2010, Ms. McKinney retired from the Design Commission after proudly serving for 13 years.