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Austin City Hall

The Green Roof at Austin City Hall is actually two different types of green roof within one complex. The public plaza is a green roof over the parking garage, while upper garden terraces are over occupied space. The plaza level consists of large native shade trees, limestone boulders, plans of lawn, bed areas, and raised planters. The depth of the engineered soil is approximately five feet deep to accommodate the root balls of the large trees.

The upper terraces consist of raised planters with understory native trees and shrubs. The depth of engineered soil is three foot deep for the root balls of the smaller trees, as well as to provide sufficient soil moisture during our long, hot summers.

The Austin City Hall received the Award of Excellence from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC). According to Jeffrey Bruce, Chair of GRHC, the City Hall was cited for combining a “depth of vision with practicality of execution that sets a superlative example for government and institutional building owners”. (McKinney Kelley Landscape Architects)