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West Campus Housing

Simmons Vedder and Partners determined that Phase I of their West Campus Student Housing would be three podium-style structures with units above individual parking garages. A central green roof courtyard on the second floor would be the organizing feature and major amenity for each complex. Cameron House was organized around one small courtyard, Montgomery House around two small courtyards, and Sterling around one large courtyard. The major design elements were metal arbors with shade canopies and ceiling fans, outdoor showers, raised planters with seat walls and limestone caps, café tables and chairs, and chaise lounges.

At Montgomery House each courtyard was designed to appeal to different types of tenants. One courtyard had a central gathering area, while the second court had six individual gathering areas for smaller groups. At Sterling, a large central turf area provided a green lawn for relaxation and recreation. Green screens were used as guardrails to provide privacy and safety. More