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West Campus Master Plan

With the advent of the University Neighborhood Overlay (UNO) ordinance in 2003, the area west of the UT campus opened up to development for mid and high-rise student housing. Simmons Vedder and Partners (SVP) were early stakeholders in the development of the ordinance which offered increased entitlements for the community benefits of tree-lined streetscapes and affordable student housing.

SVP laid out three phases of development in addition to a public/private partnership with the City of Austin to provide an east-west promenade from Guadalupe to Rio Grande. The first phase was comprised of three mid-rise podium-style buildings with retail at the first floor, courtyards on the second floor, parking garages underneath, and streetscape development. The second and third phases included three independent high-rise housing structures with first floor courtyards and streetscapes and a stand alone parking garage with a retail hub at the ground floor. The streetscape promenade provided a major pedestrian connection for students walking from classes to the residential units and the retail center.