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For the Texas ASLA 2009 Conference in Austin on April 15–17, Eleanor McKinney, ASLA, created a temporary public artwork that celebrated the Sense of Place in Central Texas. Along with Austin Green Art, a local nonprofit that produces environmental art, the piece “WHAT IS LANDscape?” was built on-site on the west side of the Austin Convention Center. The work describes the underlying geology of our area and its relationship to the indigenous plant material. The question posed in the text causes the viewer to stop and think about this relationship and to come away with a greater understanding of the connection to place.

“WHAT IS LANDscape?” is a series of three four-foot-tall wire-mesh cylinders filled with stylized geo-technical core samples. Coming out of the top of the cylinders are local native plants that are signature plants of the area. Each word of the text “WHAT IS LANDscape?” appears in sequence on the individual cylinders. “WHAT IS LANDscape?” was made possible through the support of Austin Green Art, SunGrow Landscape Construction Services, and the Austin Convention Center.